Thursday, February 26, 2009


I can't believe this. I haven't said ANYTHING since Sunday.
But not a lot has happened. There were like two major events this whole, and one of them is still happening. And it's not wonderful. Or spectacular. Or awesome. It's not even a quarter-way good!
Yesterday Mom and I were reading and I itched my head, and it's been itching for a while, and I felt something, and I pinched my fingers together and pulled it out and there was a big, fat louse.
"Oh, God! Moooom! Is this a lice?" I shrieked.
"Hold still!" Mom jumped on top of me and pulled it off my chest, then inspected it.
"It is!" She gasped. She pushed me into the bathroom and got out the lice kit. Mom's had lice before, and not too long ago either, so we still had a lice removal kit.
Anyways, Mom would have to do the treatment on me, with my long hair. Luckily I don't have to get it cut, since she got it all out, but Mom made me get naked right in front of her and she had to do the treatment, and I sat in the tub for like an hour, wondering what little pests were still alive up in my mess of hair. The stuff was really minty smelling and strong. It stung my nose a little.
Anyways, then Mom had me get out and she combed the bugs out with a little metal brush. That might sound like it would've hurt, but it felt good. It was like itching my head for me and pulling out the lice.
Mom didn't find any live lice, and she combed out like ten, plus eggs. No wonder the Head and Shoulders wasn't helping my itchiness!
So I stayed home from school today while the maids, and Mom, cleaned the whole house.
But Mom really did quite a job on my hair, and it's CURLY. UUUgggHHH. Mom has to sterilize my straightener, so I'm miserable. =[
Monday and Wednesday were normal, but Tuesday was ... OMG. After school when I was getting my backpack, Perez dared to approach me. He's been hiding from Peter, who's gotten really obsessive over me. Georgia says it's unhealthy how attached he is, but Perez loves me too much to let me go, so he talked to me.
Perez told me a joke, I laughed, and suddenly Peter was right behind him, his face red with fury. He shoved Perez into me, and we landed on the ground in a heap. Peter picked up a shocked Perez and grabbed onto his shoulders, pushing Perez up against a locker.
Kids started to gather, and some of the teachers peered out of their doorways to see what was happening.
Anyways, Perez kneed Peter in the crotch, and Peter fell to the ground, moaning. Perez tried to get away, but Peter tripped him and Perez's face smacked the ground. He stood up and faced Peter, who's hands were in fists.
Perez threw the first punch and nailed Peter right in the jaw. But Peter bounced back and punched Perez in the stomach. By then I was on my feet and I jumped in the middle, protecting Perez.
"Move, Zoe," Peter growled.
I shook my head.
"He's trying to take you!" Peter yelled, his voice rising to a squeak.
"No," I snarled at him.
Then a teacher finally stepped in and pulled Peter away. Two other teachers came and held Peter to the ground as he yelled and spat and swore.
"Perez?" I cradled his face in my hands. He was unconscious.
Perez was sent to the hospital and had a broken, bloody nose. I visited him on Wednesday.
"Are you okay?" He asked quietly.
"Yeah. But don't worry about me. What about you?" I asked.
"I'm fine. Just stay away from Peter. He's so obsessed with you. He's probably gonna rape you," Perez laughed.
"I've been trying to stay away from him," I explained, "But he's like stalking me,"
And then that night I got lice and stuff, and now it's today. Oooh I watched Kung Fu Panda, and I got this great advice:
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why it's called the present,"
Isn't that amazing? Anyways, I'm going to go now, because Will is coming over. So, yeah. BUH - BYE!

~ Itchy Girl

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Oh, sorry readers! I know I haven't written since last Monday I think .. I've just been really busy on my favorite site:
You see, it hasn't been working for me, but when I downloaded the new Java it started working and I just haven't been able to pull myself away! I can't even remember what my last post was about. How sad .... =[
But now that I'm here, I must tell you, the thing kinda worked, but not fully. Maybe I was specific enough. Maybe I didn't believe. But tell me, how do you actually believe in something? Do you think about it a lot? Do you pray about it? I'll think about that when I meditate.
Will was sick all week, so I didn't see much of him, but plenty of Peter. And Peter's gotten really protective of me. I decided to forgive Perez and we're friends again like nothing happened.
But Peter saw me talking with Perez on Wednesday, and Peter lost it, he liked pushed Perez down and told him to leave me alone. I'm actually kind of scared of Peter right now, so I've been keeping it on the down-low, not contacting Peter or anything. Georgia's steered clear of me whenever she saw Peter at my side, and I'm wishing I was ugly.
What should I do? If I break up with him (even though we were never officially going out) what will he do? RAPE ME? I should just trust that Will and Perez will take care of me, but I can't help but worry. And tomorrow's Monday ... so .... EEEEEEEE.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Delusionally Bored

I don't think Delusionally is even a word, but I don't care. Usually my saying is 'So Hot it Hurts' but now it's 'So Bored it Hurts'.
My beloved marathon of NCIS is just a bunch of RE-RUNS. So I'm lying on the couch trying to think of things to do. I googled 'things to do when you're bored' but they were all stupid. "Try to swallow your tongue". "Spit on people". COME ON.
Anyways, I was just staring up at the ceiling and thinking about how much I missed summer. Then I thought about what it'd be like to go back in time. Then I thought about and then I thought about going camping in Michigan with Mom last summer. Then I thought about Shane.
Last summer, and just like every other summer, Mom and I drove to Harrisville, Michigan. Harrisville is a cute little town with a cute little state park. There's a pharmacy that has everything and a little ice cream parlor and stuff. But that's about it. But I really like going camping - for such an emo-looking, egotistical rich girl. I mean, we don't go tent camping or anything, but we spend a lot of time outside of the big RV. I'm really into nature stuff, and Riley and me like going on walks together.
Anyways, on this particular day, it was as hot as hell and I was as bored as hell. Riley and I were sitting by the beach, watching the waves roll up onto the rocky shores. I think that it's off of either lake Michigan or lake Superior. I think. But I know it's one of the Great Lakes.
So Riley and I were sitting there, Riley looking hungrily at the seagulls and me munching on chips. I was wearing a Volcom tee and Bermuda shorts. But that's beside the point.
Cuz as soon as a big, fat old seagull tried to get a chip that I dropped, Riley went crazy. He chased after it, jumping into the water. And despite being a lab, Riley can't swim. And he was pretty far out there.
I was standing at the edge of the water, calling to him, hoping there was a rock he could climb onto or something.
"Need some help?" A voice asked. I spun around to see some dark-haired zitty kid taking his shirt off. He jumped into the water and rescued a stressed and very wet Riley. I got Riley's towel and cradled the getting-big puppy in my arms.
"Thanks," I told the boy, who seemed to be hanging around a little too much.
"No problem," He replied, "Anything for a pretty girl,"
I tried to chuckle and seem nice, but I really wanted him to leave NOW. The boy was about my age, but much taller and fatter and UGLIER. He introduced himself as Shane, and I introduced myself against my better judgement. Shane left, but I noticed that he was watching where I walked to. For the next three days, I was on high alert. Every morning around breakfast he walked by, looking hopefully at the RV. I scowled at him, although I doubt he saw me.
On the fourth day, I just left the RV and didn't care if he saw me. And I was glad I came out, because walking past our campsite was a boy who looked a lot like Peter, but a little skinnier. And I saw Shane coming the opposite way, so I hatched a plan, and walked over to the Peter-looking boy and said hi, glancing over his shoulder at Shane, who was looking at us with a shocked expression.
"Do I know you?" The boy asked.
"No, I'm Zoe," I said.
"I'm Drake," The boy said.
"Nice to meet you," I smiled sweetly, glancing at Shane again. And this was the worst and the best part. (You know I've almost forgot about where I met Drake, cuz I think about him a lot too, and email him every night)
Shane was right behind Drake. He looked angry and confused and like he really needed some Proactiv. He poked Drake on the shoulder and said,
"What'cha talking about with my girl?" Shane snarled.
Drake laughed, the least bit surprised, and turned around, "Your girl?"
Drake put his arm around me and down, sliding his hand in the back pocket of my shorts. I played along.
"Yeah, Shane, what're you talking about?"
Shane glared at Drake, and there was a defining silence.
"Let go of her," Shane growled, low and mean.
"Or what?" Drake snickered, "Are you going to hit me?"
Shane through a punch, and Drake did this amazing thing where he pushed me down and ducked but caught me and stood us up before I could fall.
"So close," Drake teased.
Shane's face became red with fury. He through another punch, but this time Drake swung us to the side.
"Just let go of her!" Shane yelled.
"No." Drake said calmly. He turned us away and walked me back to my campsite.
"Who is this kid?" He whispered.
"He 'rescued' my dog the other day," I replied.
"And he thinks you guys are ..?" Drake asked.
"I guess," I replied.
"Let me go take care of him," Drake smiled mischievously and walked back over to Shane, who was huffing and puffing from all this exercise. A small audience had gathered.
"What's your name?" Drake asked.
"What's it to you?" Shane growled.
"Never mind," Drake said.
"What's it to YOU?" Shane shouted.
"Nothing, nothing. Forget it," Drake shrugged.
Shane charged at him and was right in his face like how boys fight sometimes.
"What's ... It ... To YOU?" Shane snarled really really low.
"I just want to know you're name so I can declare who lost this fight over Zoe," Drake smiled.
I thought that was pretty stupid, but it worked on Shane, who just stormed away. The audience cheered for a minute and then returned to their camp sites like nothing had happened.
"Thanks," I said to Drake when he came back and sat down across from me at the picnic table.
"No problem .. I don't like geeks trying to make a move on my girl," Drake shrugged. I giggled and held his hand from across the table. He had the most amazing green eyes.
For the rest of my trip we hung out together, practically joined at the hip. The last night we spent together on the beach, watching the stars. He kissed me, and it was a very happy moment for me. I text and email him a lot but not as much as I should .. so ... yeah. OMG! New NCIS episode, and I haven't seen it! Bye!

Monday .. Second to last day of break!!!

I don't want to go back to school. I mean it's easy and kinda fun and all, but it just takes up so much of my time and is sooo boring! I should talk Mom into letting me get a tutor!
I've decided what I'm going to do for my birthday. It's going to be masquerade themed, and held at some big banquet hall on 5th Avenue - I think. Two hundred of my closest friends are going to be there, and I'm going to go to everyone's house with Will in a jester's suit and we're going to give the invitations. I'd like a car for my birthday since I'm getting my license, but I dunno if Mom'll be for that. There's so many accidents and I wouldn't really get to drive it and Mom would be worried about poor people trying to get in or something. Maybe I'll just ask for money or something. LOL I dunno. There's pretty much NOTHING I don't have besides a car .. or a horse. But I don't really want a horse right now.
So I'm going to go, Blog, because my FaVoRiTe show, NCIS, is having an ALL-DAY MARATHON!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I know that I didn't get up from the date halfway through to update, but I just couldn't tear myself away from the table!
First of all, when I got there, I noticed that Georgia hadn't shown (typical Georgia) but that Raccoon Girl from last weekend's clubbing was there. And I saw Peter, too, looking fairly lonely, and let me just say, he is even more GORGEOUS in person!!!
When I approached the table, Peter could only stare at me for a few minutes, and the first thing he said was a hypnotized "hiii." I giggled and I probably blushed, and it doesn't help that I have snow-white skin. Tanning salons don't work for me. I think I'm allergic to the light.
Anyways, we all ordered steak, and OMG it was expensive! My steak was like thirty dollars, give or take a few. I don't remember all the details of stuff, just the big thing that makes me think, "GOD,"
But the steak was pretty darn good for that amount of moolah. It was kind of spicy but really nice and tender, like melt-in-your-mouth steak. Is that a good thing? That's not really a good description if I'm such a great writer. Melt-in-your-mouth meat reminds me of pork roast when it's all papery and like dissolves when it's in your mouth. The steak was better then that.
But Peter, he really likes me. And I really like him. He's sweet and funny and has the shiniest teeth. He held my hand and stared me right in the eye when I talked to him, and that's definitely a turn-on. He's really affectionate and one of those touchy-feely kind of people. I hope that doesn't become obnoxious to me or anything cuz I mean I REALLY like him.
After dinner and a long discussion around the table about teen pregnancies and the best shops in New York, each couple went their own way. Since Will's not much of a talker, he probably just sat her down and kissed her. But I don't care .. all I can think about is Peter Peter Peter Peter. Mom said that last night I fell asleep on the couch and sat straight up and smiled and screamed his name. then I layed back down and kissed the back of the couch. But just a little peck, thankfully. It'd be really embarrassing to start making out with a pillow in front of my Mom. Hah hah .. ooh.
Anyways, Peter and I walked a while together, oblivious of all the people and the cold.
"You're really pretty," Peter said.
"Thanks," I said, blushing again.
"When Will set me up on this date I didn't think you'd really be as hot as you are. I thought you'd be more of a .. that one girl at school. Tall, blond, what's her name?"
I gasped, "Cera?"
"Yeah, yeah, her," Peter replied, putting his arm around me. HE THINKS I'M HOTTER THEN CERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"You don't think very much of Cera, do you?" I asked, trying to keep the shrieking voices inside me in check.
"No. I think she's a slut," Peter said flatly.
"Really? Cuz I bet she likes you," I replied, although I regretted saying that. It was like telling him that she should love Cera instead of me. And that's a big NO-NO.
"Oh well," Peter murmured.
We walked in silence for a little more, looking at the lights and trying to find stars through all the clouds. But that's nearly impossible in a city as smoggy as New York.
I was suddenly aware of the cold. The freezing cold. I shivered and felt goosebumps rise up on my arms.
"You're cold," Peter said.
He stopped and took his coat off and wrapped it around me.
"Thanks," I blushed.
He squeezed my shoulders, then we kept walking. I told him about Mom and even the Magic stuff, and he didn't look the least bit weirded out. Oh, and my wish hasn't come true yet. It should on Tuesday, or at least I hope so. I'll pray some more. You know, God listens to me pretty good for some little rebel girl who talks and thinks about God like her best friend. But I dunno, maybe he appreciates me giving myself some respect and not considering myself a 'servant' of his. Sorry if I offend anyone out there. But when you're floating in Heaven laughing at me, thinking I'm in Hell, I'll wave to you from over by the Pearly Gates. Just watch for me. Seriously.
And my Magic Powers have started to show themselves. I lit a candle yesterday just by looking at it. It was pretty FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I should call Grandma about that.
Anyways, Peter took me home, and I discovered that all of the housemaids, Mom, and my weirdo cousins (whom are leaving next week) were all gone. Riley seems to like Peter, BTW.
I showed Peter around, and he approved of the flat. He liked my room the best ... But something kinda bad happened, and I'm having second thoughts about him. After we were sitting on the bed watching TV, he put his hand on my chest and whispered, "Want to make a kid?"
I jumped out of my skin and rolled off the bed. I peeked over the side to see Peter staring at me with a shocked expression. But I'm not going to be a girl to show my fear of sex. I'm not a virgin, but this is the first date, BUDDY.
"Hey, Peter?" I snapped.
"Yeah?" He replied.
"NO," I growled.
Peter chuckled and sat up.
"I was kidding," He said. But I didn't take any chances. I was alert the rest of the night until he left.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Driving there ...

Elyse, Mom's assistant and a close friend of ours, is driving me to the restaurant and telling me not to be nervous or anything. It's really crowded in New York City on Saturday night, but I'll get there on time.
I'm really really really really nervous no matter how many times Elyse tells me not to be. I can't help it! I keep having to delete words because I'm misspelling them - I'm that nervous. This is the first Valentine's Day that I haven't spent at home with Riley and Mom watching sappy love movies and eating ice cream right from the carton.
I think I look really pretty right now. I'm wearing that red dress, which is a lot shorter and lower-cut then it looked on the dummy. My hair is nice and beautiful, and my legs are shaved and silky. I smell like Armani Code for women. I hope Peter likes it. I mean really really hope hope PRAY TO GOD.
You know that thing? My wish hasn't come true yet, but I haven't told eight people yet. Two to go. And I'm sure I could probably post stuff about it on more stuff so yeah ...
I haven't seen much of my cousins since they've started to hang out with Cera, but Mom doesn't really seem to mind. And as long as Cera is busy with them, she won't bug me. I think Mom secretly hates them, just like Riley and Me.
Okay, I'm pulling up to the building now. It looks really really crowded. I can see Will. GOD is he SMOKING?
God damn him. I'm going to go smack him, so bye for now.

Waiting for the Warmth

Mom just told me that the shower is out of hot water, so I'm going to have to wait. Imagine that, a billionaire's daughter waiting to get a hot shower. Hah.
Anyways, I was looking at my blog, since I'm always critiquing other people's blogs, and I noticed how much shorter my posts have been getting, and how much less information is included. I noticed that I don't talk much about magic or about my pets or my Mom.
I should start.
First off, I haven't heard anything else about the 'Jesus Bible'. Grandma has called and said that they're checking for any curses or black magic. But I'm like,
"This was forever ago. They hadn't even invented clothes, let alone black magic," Then Grandma reminded me about them.
"They have been around since the beginning of time, Zoelie. They helped God create the Universe. Don't say that they aren't capable of such a thing!"
And then she hung up. Grandma can be such a ... witch. LOL.
Mom's been really busy lately designing stuff and making stuff for the upcoming fashion shows. I'm not sure when the next one is, because I'm not as into that stuff as you'd think a designer's daughter would be. But I still pay attention to what brands people are wearing, making sure to recommend Mom's brand. I help around the office, watering plants and giving tips. Mom's pretty cool about her help. She isn't mean or snippy to them even if they're as dumb as rocks.
"You have to be fierce, darling, you have to be mean!" One of the London designers told her one day when some foreign designers came to the office.
"But you can't be stuck up, darling, you can't be a bitch," I said, perfectly imitating the designer, who actually laughed and complimented me. I might do imitations as a comedian when I get older, or else I might lay low and write books and stuff underneath Mom and take in all the inheritance.
Mom's office is really big and very fashionable. There are lots of earth-tone colors and plants all around. The floors are made of greenish-brown marble or something, and so are the walls. The carpets are hemp or something and the desks are made of a bamboo they grow downstairs. I love my Mom's office, mostly because of the cafe they have. It's one of those cafes with the big leather chairs and fireplaces. Very very chic. That's the word I've been looking for.
Plus, whenever I go down to get a donut or something when I hang there on the weekends, there's plenty of donuts to choose from since all the models we have are too self-conscious to eat. It's like ... seriously.
My home life is usually kind of boring, but very comfy. I always have my laptop and dog, Riley, with me. He's become so much a part of me that I don't really know what to say about him. He does everything I do pretty much. Riley is very pretty, with sleek black fur and velvety black ears. He's a black lab and Great Dane mix. He's tall and slender like a Great Dane, but loyal and loving like a lab. He's very muscular and loves going on walks with Will and I, which is something I like to do in my free time, just walk around the city and look at the buildings or the sky. I'm very layed back.
Mom and I don't go to church, if I haven't already said that, which I think I have. I don't know why we don't go. Maybe because I'm such a rebel, and I'd be one of the kids to laugh when everyone sings or drink from the Holy Water when I got thirsty. I've actually done that, and all of my church friends got all shocked and I'm like "it's just water". That happened when I was twelve.
You know who I haven't talked about? My Dad. I didn't really know him, and neither did Mom. You see, when Mom just started off as an apprentice at Prada, she walked home ten blocks every night. One night on a Monday in July or so, Mom got raped, and that was my Dad. Mom had me when she was about twenty or twenty one, so she's fairly young. Mom's had other boyfriends and stuff, but she needs to know my opinion about them before she can get serious. She's currently single. She has other things to worry about besides love - things like ME!
Mom says that I look more like her then like Dad, but Mom never had black hair, so that's one thing I got from him. I wonder what he looked like, but I'll probably never ever know, and that's kind of frustrating.
Well, the water just got hot now, and since I'm done with a very long and detailed post, I'm going to go shower and get ready for my date which is in about two hours, so BUH-BYE!!!

Darn Mom

Well, it's almost time for my threesome dinner-date with Peter and Will. Georgia said that she'll think about maybe coming up there, and I'm like,
"But it'll be two guys and one girl who likes both guys,"
"Then it'll be your dream come true!" Georgia joked. But tonight isn't a joke. It's dead serious. It's valentines day.
This is the dress that Mom got me for the date. I personally think it's a little too long if I'm trying to snag a blond Californian boy. But Will's going to like it. He likes everything I wear.
I hope Georgia comes. Then Will won't feel all lonely when I start flirting with Peter.
I've been texting Peter for the last few days, but he doesn't know what I look like. He likes my personality for sure, but I don't know if he'll be into a scene girl. I hope so, because I think it's over with Perez and me, and it'd be weird to go out with Will, and everyone else at my school is UGLY. Maybe I should try one of those online dating things, even though they probably won't work and are kinda cheesy. I dunno. I still haven't met Peter face-to-face yet, so it may work out between us.
I'm going to go shower, straighten my hair, and put on my makeup. I'm not going to go overboard with the raccoon eyes, just a nice, thick line of bottom-lash eyeliner and some ice-pink lipgloss. I don't usually wear a lot of lipgloss because I'm such an addicted gum-chewer. I tend to spit a lot when I chew gum, so it would like wear off all of the lip gloss. Mom said that I may be allowed to get permanent eyeliner, which I think would be REALLY COOL. Then I'd never really have to worry about if my eyes were smudged or anything.
Well, I'm going to go get ready. Half way through the date tonight I'll go into the bathroom and type an update up for you all. Bye!

Friday Nite

Last night Georgia and I went on a shopping spree with my allowance money, which was $2000, which I get every two days.
We went to Manhattan Mall and just splurged on everything. First we went to Aeropostle and I bought some new tee shirts that all said 'aeropostle' on them, and then we went to the body shop and I got some soap and lotion and makeup stuff. Then we went to Victoria's Secret, and you can imagine what I'd buy there. Next was the Foot Locker and I got some new kicks, then we went to another mall cuz that one doesn't really have too many good stores.
We traveled all the way across town .. well not that far .. but we went to some other stores and bought some expensive stuff. I spent ALL MY MONEY. But hey, I got some great stuff.
Will, Peter and I are all going to meet up at Del Frisco's on sixth avenue this evening. I don't think it will be very fun with two boys and one girl, while the girl likes one boy and the other boy likes the girl and the first boy doesn't even know the girl. I think Georgia should come along, but she's not that into the 'love' stuff, so I'm going to hide in my closet and pick out something to wear for tonight! Bye!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, Friday ...

Well, it's Friday, my FaVoRiTe day of the week!! I haven't written since Wednesday, and I've been trying to write every day, but at least I caught myself and I'm writing today. I stayed home again yesterday, which was Thursday, because I was still sick. I haven't met Peter yet, but Will tells me that Peter was thisclose to coming into contact with Cera. GOD, that would be HORRIBLE.
Today we didn't have school because of some 'teacher work day' or something, plus we have next Monday and Tuesday off as well. Maybe I'll go shopping with Georgia or something.
But today I just sat around the apartment while the Goths went to the mall with Cera and her crew. I don't really care if they're with her now. I don't. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I really want to meet Peter. What if I become his Valentine? But then again, what about Will? I dunno. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*ACHOO!**Sniff Sniff*

I'm sick again and laying in bed. I do kinda wish I was at school becuz what are the cousins of mine doing with Cera? What about Perez? Huh? Huh? What about him? I may be mad at him, but that doesn't mean that he's not MINE!!!
Last night Will came over and fed me soup. He's so sweet. I was coughing and sneezing all over the place, but he didn't seem to mind. He's been giving me updates about school, since I was home yesterday too. I think I might have the flu.
Anyways, Will says that he made friends with the new kid in school.
"New kids are geeks," I sniffed.
"I remember when you were the new kid," Will said. Then I was lost in a flash back. Back in kindergarten, maybe a month after school started and before anyone in my class knew how rich we were, I was the new kid. Mom had packed me a lunch and stuff, but I had been so nervous that I'd eaten it on the bus. Georgia and Will came over to me when we were having lunch time and shared their lunches, and that's how we became friends.
Then I felt all guilty (which is a rare emotion for me) for calling the new kid a geek, and even guiltier when Will showed me a picture of the new kid he had taken with his phone. The new kid is H-O-T HOT!!!
Will told me that the kid's name is Peter and he moved here from California. I could tell, because he had sandy blond hair and was really tan. I really want to meet that kid. Will gave me his phone number, so I may start texting him even if he is in class. I dunno. I'll just be sick for now. *Cough cough*.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today I was sick and stayed home from school while the Goths went. They're home now, and you won't believe what color they're wearing.
They said that Cera did take them under her wing! That bitch! They're MY cousins, even if I do hate them!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


It's after dinner and after desert. Will, the Goths and I are chillin on the couch. Mom had to run over to her office because she left her sketchbook, and she's going to try some designs on my cousins.
I just went to and wished with all my heart. I'm trying it out. Will it work? I wished that my powers would make themselves apparent, cuz I want to get my freaky cousins the hell out of my house, NOW. But actually, it takes 8 days, and you have to visit your 'wishing page' every day and write the number '8' on a piece of paper and let it absorb the moonlight every night. I already did the moonlight thing and visited my wishing page. I've been reading other people's stories, and it apparently worked well for them, because stuff started happening the next day. I hope it works like that for me. It'd be really cool.
You know, with the Twilight craze sweeping the nation, I've realized that I want a boyfriend like Edward - one that cares about me and watches me when I sleep. Especially a Vampire boyfriend - cuz vampires are HOT. I dunno. No one seems to br right for me, but Will and I have gotten a lot closer. I haven't called Tony, and I don't really want to. Thinking about him gives me the heebie-jeebies. You go out with some hot italian boy and you end up raped and pregnant. Believe me, it's happened - not to me though, thankfully.
There may be someone for me in the Magical World, but I don't think Grandma would really approve of me going out with a Vampire, she already likes Will too much. Maybe I could turn Will into a Vampire ...? NO. NO. BAD THOUGHT. BAD THOUGHT, ZOE!!!
Goodnite, I'm not going to post again until tomorrow.

Gosh some of you people ....

Every once in a while I like to click on a link in my profile and see what people share the same interests as me, and I just got a chance to do so.
I clicked on the link that says 'I like being rich' or something, and I found this girl who is SO FULL OF HERSELF.
I hate that. You know those like thirteen-year-olds that are rich but so full of themselves? They have body piercings and go to tanning salons and wear jimmy choo? Those chicks IRK me. I mean, seriously, those girls wear too much makeup and look like little divas in their too-big high heels and mini skirts. That's one of the bad things about having a Mom so high up in the fashion Biz. Whenever I go to the office with her, there's always another designer's daughter in there gabbing away on some thousand dollar phone playing with her diamond necklace or something. And then they chew GUM.
I mean, I have no problem with gum, but these girls chew it like cows. I hate it soooo much.
I bet those girls have already had sex, too!
I have an ego, and it's like kinda big, but I'm not ALL full of myself .. I'll call it ... Self respect. I just like ME! And my Mom is one of the biggest names out there, although, once again, I can't tell you who due to stalkers. I already have three followers and I just started this blog. Let's just say we could live in a solid-gold palace if we wanted to, and still have billions left. My Mom has a lot of money that the tabloids don't know about.
That's another bad thing about being rich! The tabloids! Mom's always telling me 'be careful' 'keep your eyes open' 'do you want to end up like princess diana?'
But I don't have a driver so that won't happen. I've decided to buy a car and just drive myself, since no one really knows that the Famous Fashion Designer has a young, B-A-utiful daughter! But I want to keep it that way.
So, I'm going to go do my homework in a little, and then maybe hang out with Will and watch a movie. Maybe the cousins aren't as ugly as I think, Will's been in their room for a while now....

We're at the airport

Oh, God, I can't believe it's already the day my cousins arrive. When did Mom tell me about it? YESTERDAY. How many days does that give me to get ready for them? NONE.
Mom, Will and I are at the airport waiting for them. My cousins' plane should be arriving soon, but secretly I'm hoping that it'll crash and explode into a million jillion pieces and they won't EVER make it.
"They better not talk to me when we're at school," I scowled when we arrived. Mom forced me into that dumb lolita dress, and everyone's looking at me weird. So I sneer back.
"I wonder what Cera's going to think," Will said.
I wondered that too. What if she takes them under her wing and turns them into Cera-clones? Ick. They'll be just like their mother. GOD I hate this. JUST KILL ME NOW.
I'm seriously going to just shrivel up and die if they even look in my direction at school. They'll probably have all the same classes as me, though, just to make it so much more 'comforting' for them.
I dunno.
School was okay today. I think Cera was home sick or something, cuz the halls seemed to have a lot less tension. I've noticed that whenever Cera enters a classroom, all of the girls sit up straight and puff their chests out. The geeky girls take off their glasses, and the boys open up their legs. It sickens me. Cera practically runs the school.
Perez tried to talk to me again, but Will interfered and said that the principal needed to see me. I knew he didn't - our principal just hides in his office all day talking to his Mom on the phone. What a loser. If anyone should run the school, it should be ME.
Black-and -pink walls, good, quality lunch food, green lockers, skateboarding classes. Gee, wouldn't it be fun if I ruled the world?
I can see them! They're coming! I'm going to pretend I'm texting, but I'll give you updates ....

"Hi ... Zoe," Thorn groaned at me. We're in the car right now, and Mom's talking about the school. When I get a free hand, I'm going to slap Will's hand away - it's slithering up my skirt.
"Hi, Thorn, Claudia," I tried to smile, but I bet it looked like one of those forced kinda sneer and smile smiles.
"I see you're wearing our dress," Claudia hissed, carrying the 'sssss' too far.
"You look great. Can't you see how happy we are the you look that good?" Thorn frowned.
"Yeah, you're ecstatic," I replied.
Mom kinda pinched my back after I said that.
So we've been sitting in the car driving back to our house. I'm just soooo excited to see what fun things the girls are going to hang up in the guest room. Will decided to stay for dinner, and I dunno what's up with Georgia. This night is going to be great ....
Will and I are in my room right now. Will's talking to his Mom saying he'll spend the night, even though he knows it's kinda creepy to be 16 and sleeping over at your best girl friend's house. But Will's like my brother - my hot hot HOT brother. When we got home, Thorn and Claudia immediately gravitated towards their bedroom, and have been in their ever since. I can hear moaning .. perhaps they're cutting themselves or something.
"You're cousins are weird," Will said.
I look at him like 'DUH'. Of course they're weird!!!!!
I have to go help Mom start making dinner, but I changed out of that gay dress and into some skinny jeans and my blue American Eagle hoodie. Bye for now. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Living with the Goths

After dinner at McDonalds, Mom told me something HORRIBLE. Something TERRIBLE.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but my cousins are kinda ... freaky. Their names were once Amelia and Sophia, but now they are Thorn and Claudia. They're both Goth, and their Mom is like super-preppy-extreme. I think they went Goth just to spite her, but then discovered that it was fun.
Will came with us for dinner (I would've invited Georgia, but this is her worst hangover yet), and when we got home Mom pulled out a gift from my cousins. They said that it's the latest trend in their city (FreakGoth Ville, population: them). It was a short black lolita dress, with a puffy skirt and off-the-shoulder straps.
I thought it was icky, but Will liked how low-cut it was (major cleavage). Mom told me that I should wear it when they arrive, but I told her that it was nothing special that they were coming.
"Are they hot?" Will asked.
I grimaced, then retrieved the family album from the living room bookshelf. I showed him the picture of my two man-like cousins, with short spiky hair and over-muscular bodies. I saw Will kind of puke in his mouth.
"How long are they going to be here for? And why in the middle of winter?" I asked, while sitting on Will's lap and letting him play with the ruffles on the straps of my dress.
"They'll be here for about two weeks because Aunt Jody is getting another liposuction," Mom replied, running her hands through her dark, thick curls.
The only other thing that they can take out of Aunt Jody's body is her internal organs! That lady is like twice my age but ten times skinnier. Last time we checked, she was only one hundred pounds. I think my cousins may be fat just to spite her, also.
"And here's more bad news," Mom said, "They'll be going to your school,"
And that's when I passed out.
I woke up with Mom calling the hospital in the hallway, and Will lying next to me on my big lime green and black bed, wearing my pajamas: a short Aeropostle shirt and black shorts.
"Are you okay? You're Mom's been trying to get a doctor to come for a half an hour," Will said when I sat up.
"How long have I been out for?" I asked.
"Half an hour," Will replied.
"How'd I get in my pajamas?" I asked him.
Will smiled mischievously and got up. Then I noticed my bra was also off.
My Mom came in and saw I was awake, and also asked how I had gotten into my pajamas. I just stared blankly at her, and she shrugged it off.
"I'll go make some hot chocolate," She said.
One of the house maids, Rita, scurried past, and I layed my head down, Will digging his head into my neck.
My house is really really really big, so we have three old housemaids, Rita, Elaine, and Priscilla. Our mansion is actually a large penthouse, but I call it a mansion because it's the same square foot as one of Donald Trump's homes. Mom and Grandma combined are the fourth richest people on the earth, plus the money that no one knows about. =]
My room's color scheme is black and lime green. I have a large bed with a thick bedspread and lots of emo-heart pillows. I have a large walk-in closet which also double as a 'Me Space'. I have dark curtains, with a balcony behind them. I also have a big desk, three couches around a coffee table, a vanity full of makeup, my own bathroom, and a wardrobe.
The living room is HUGE. It doesn't have a set color scheme, though the large wrap-around couch is cocoa brown suede. There's a large TV and lots of hanging plants and floor plants. We also have some bookshelves and original paintings by famous artists. My favorite part of the living room is the fancy crystal fire.
The kitchen is yellow and green. There are marble countertops and all new stainless-steel appliances. We have an island with a sink and chairs connected to it. There are some other rooms in the house, too, but I don't want to get into those for now. =]

Snowboard Club Meeting

I'm a part of the Snowboard Club at my school, and every Sunday at 2:00 is our meeting. We go to the hill behind the school and board, or sometimes we go to a local mountain, but today we just hung out in the cafeteria and listened to Chad Micc, our captain, blab about new contests.
Perez is a member, and he kept trying to talk to me, but I just turned away and continued talking to Brittany, another one of my emo friends.
"Come on, hon, don't be like this," Perez said, grabbing onto my hips. I spun around and slapped his hands off so fast it made him stumble back into one of the preps who had decided to join.
"Don't touch me," I hissed.
Brittany and I walked away and started to talk with Chad, who's actually pretty cute. Maybe he can be another one of my boys? Although I do really need to call Tony - and Will's my best friend. I have room for one more, right?

Back Home

I'm Home again, and Grandma called with more info on the 'Jesus Book'. She said that the Magic World sent officials to check it out while none of the Humans were looking, and they confirmed that it's at least 2000 years old!!! Those dumb humans won't be able to figure it out, either, cuz Grandma put a spell on the book to make it look like a fake or something. Once they throw it out Grandma's crew (some rambunctious young wizards and vampires) will snatch it up and Grandma will have a new addition to her museum in the Magic World.
I came home with at least five shopping bags full of clothes. Will helped me bring them up to the house, and when he was gonna say goodbye, he kissed me. On the lips. And we're just supposed to be friends.
I was frozen when he pulled back, and I could only stare up at him. He smiled and then left. So I sat on the steps for a few moments and thought about him, then put my new clothes away, got my laptop, and sat on the couch, writing a new post for this blog.
You know, the Government covers up a lot of stuff that happens. Like, strange lights? They're real UFOs, the Government just tells the witnesses that they were drunk or just seeing things so that the people won't spread it around.
You know Area 51? Well, the guy who leaked about the aliens was killed. The murders? They're hired assassins. When they get 'life' sentences, they'll just get a new identity and do some more killings. If they get caught, it's back to the doctor's for a new face.
That new movie about the bank that uses money for killing, that's true. The guy who told the director just got killed. The Government that I'm talking about isn't America's. It's the World's.
Grandma's a member of The Government. They're a top-secret agency that covers up magical stuff and keeps the human population in check and stuff. Cuz, you know, God made the Universe with magic. People may not think that. Most say 'No, he just created the Universe. Not with magic!' But they're wrong. It was with Magic. Grandma should know, too, cuz she was there...

It's me again

Perez still hasn't texted me back, but I don't care. Georgia went home a few minutes ago, and Will's Mom just called, wondering where he was. She sounded furious.
"William James! Where the hell are you?" She screamed.
"I'm at Zoe's house," Will replied.
"Did you spend the night?" His Mom hissed.
Then his Mom got really quiet, as if she was thinking something smart to say back.
"YOU BETTER NOT HAVE GOTTEN ZOE PREGNANT!" His Mom shrieked, then hung up.
It got really awkward, because we had been sitting on the couch with me curled up on his lap.
"I swear I didn't touch you last night," Will whispered.
We got dressed and then went out to breakfast, since I burned the eggs. After breakfast we went to the mall, and that's where we are right now. Will's getting us some coffee.
We went to American Eagle first. I got three new sweatshirts and a new bag. Then we went to Wet Seal, and I got more skinny jeans and some tee shirts. We haven't gone to any other stores, but I'm going to try to pull Will into Victoria's Secret. LOL that will be funny!!!
It looks like today is just going to be spent at the mall. I may call some of my other friends to come and join Will and I, or it could just be me and him. I dunno.

Texts from Perez

Perez is texting me, so I'll tell you what he's saying.

P: Hi, Zoe. How was ur Saturday nite?
Z: I'm mad @ u, so dont talk to me.
P: Zoe dont be mad at ME. cera just grabbed onto me and stuff.
Z:but i saw u hold back onto her dammit! dont lie to me.
P:im not lyin. just forgive me pleez!
Z:im not in a very forgiving mood ...
P: i luv u tho.
z: bull*#it.
P: pleez forgive me, im really sorry. i didnt wanna cancel our date for friday nite.
z: oh well. why dont u go tell cera about ur problem?
p: cuz i dont like her.
z: rite .. rite..
p: zoe - come on.
z: come on wut? U KISSED MY MORTAL ENEMY.
p: i
z: u wut? the truth hurts perez.

And he hasn't replied.

Whoa ...

Well, I'm back home - thankfully. Things got pretty crazy at that club last night. You know that boy I went to go dance with? He was here straight from ITALY. His name's Antonio, but I nicknamed him Tony, and he likes that.
After Tony and I were done dancing and returned to our table, Georgia got drunk.
"Hey, Zoe, find a new maaaaan?" Georgia tripped, falling into the popcorn bowl on our table.
"Georgia! Why're you drunk?" I jumped up, pulling her off the table and sitting her next to me.
"Bartender thought I was old! Old old old!" Georgia giggled.
I excused myself from Tony and Drunk Girl and went to find Will, who was tonguing Raccoon Girl.
"Georgia's drunk," I said flatly.
Wil jumped and pulled away from the girl. I saw the shocked expression even though it was dark and blue lights were flashing. Raccoon Girl sneered at me and tried to kiss Will again, but he got up and followed me over to Georgia.
"Willie! Free Willie! How goes it?" Georgia smiled, trying to get on her feet.
"Georgia - we're leaving." Will said.
"No, no, you're not," Tony objected. He stood next to me and put his hands on my hips, "You're going to stay," He said sweetly.
I couldn't say no, so I sat back down next to him. Will frowned at me and returned to Raccoon Girl. We could stay for now.
Then the doors opened and a large group of kids came in. They were the Vampires of New York - Rich, powerful kids who were practically immortal. As they passed our table I noticed that they had glued fake fangs onto their canines. Some of those kids were weird, but there was a large group of them, so they were feared.
About an hour later, at midnight, a fight broke out between some drunk jocks and some Vampires. After a kid was tossed onto our table, I grabbed Will, Georgia and Tony and we left, leaving the Ushers to break up the fights. We walked a while, Georgia giggling every few steps. At about one in the morning Tony kissed me goodbye and returned to his car.
"Where're we going?" Will asked.
"I dunno," I collapsed on a bench. Georgia sat down next to me, the drinks wearing off.
"Maybe we should just go to your house and watch movies or something," She suggested.
And that's what we did.
I woke up about two hours ago. Will was using my stomach as a pillow, and Georgia was right next to me in the nest of pillows and blankets we made. I'm going to get up and make some breakfast before Mom goes to work, and then maybe go for a jog. I'll just let my friends sleep for now. =]

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eeee .. peopl are weird

We're in a club, although I don't really know the name. The ushers, as usual, thought Will, Georgia and I were 18.

I'm currently sitting at our table on my Iphone playing with this Blogger app that my Mom's assistant designed, it lets me add posts to my blog.

Most of the kids in here are emo. The scene girls have taken it TOO FAR. This one girl has pink and blue and raccoon printed hair, and another girl's hair looks like there's a balloon hiding under it. Some emo girls spend more time in their hair and makeup then in their studies, which sounds pretty funny coming from me. But I don't do the raccoon eyeliner or puff-ball pink hair. I'm just like mild, with light highlights and a pink bow.

The guys are hot, I must admit. There's one whos particularly cute, and I might go dance with him once Raccoon Girl leaves his presence. Will's reading over my shoulder. GO DANCE. I'LL BE FINE.

He just got up. I see that Georgia's tonguing some guy. I love Georgia. She's really cool. =] OMG RACCOON GIRL IS GONE. Time to make my move!!! But first, here's a pic of Will, I took it before we left.

Clubbin with meh peepz

It's Saturday evenin, but like six, so kinda evenin. Will, Georgia and I are sitting in Will's Lexus waiting in line at Burger King (LOL). After we get dinner we're going clubbing. Yea, I'm 16, but those dumb nightclub ushers couldn't tell a nine-year-old from a nineteen-year-old.
I got my hair in a ponytail, with even more blonde highlights. I'm wearin a short black cocktail dress that drove Will crazy. Georgia's wearing a puffy pink lolita dress. Her scene girl hair is a now blonde with black streaks, like she's an inside-out oreo. I'm an oreo. =]
I don't give a crap about what Will's wearing, since right now I'm just worried about the deal with Perez. I dunno if I should call him and invite him to come with us, or just leave him alone and sort out my thoughts. Perez is a great dancer, and I know he likes me, but I'm still kinda mad about those three seconds where he was tonguing my MORTAL ENEMY.
Oooh, it'd be really bad to bump into Cera at a club again. A month ago when it was me, Georgia, Liz, and Ella (some other girls like me, but not quite as wild child), we saw Cera and her clones at Club 21. She looked like such a slut, though. Her dress barely covered her nipples. It was kinda gross.
But anyways, she was drunk, so she didn't remember. I don't drink - my Mom would hate it. I may look like a 'who gives a shit' kinda girl, but I really care about myself and my family, and I don't wanna get wasted while I'm just a kid. But I may have a few sips when my older friends get a martini or tequila. I can't stand the other bitter drinks ... eeewww.
Mom's at home right now. She's been working from home so that we can hang together. I really love that she's been doing that- it shows that she cares. =]
Ok, I'm gonna eat, but in about two hours or so I'll check in and talk about the freaks at the club we'll go to ... so bye!!!

Saturday Mornin'

When I woke up a settled myself down on the couch with a bowl of Lucky Charms, Tom and Jerry playing on the TV.
"Hon," My Mom walked into the hang-out room with her hand cupped over the speaker on the phone, "It's Grandma,"
Her voice quavered and her face looked worried. I took the phone and said, "Yell-oh?"
"Zoe," My Grandma replied, her voice serious, "They found a bible that may date back to Jesus' age,"
"So?" I asked. Since when did we go to church? Sure I prayed, but so what if they found a bible?
"Experts can't read it. Something's wrong in the Magic World," Grandma said.
"What experts did they send in?"
"Then they should have someone from the Magic World read it,"
"I'm going to send Barney. Just ... Keep your eyes open, sweetie. I have a feeling something bad's going to happen,"
"Like what?" I questioned.
"Oracle says that someone important is going to die - watch your back. I love you,"
Then she hung up. Grandma could be so weird sometimes, but, if 'Oracle' says there's something wrong, he's probably right. Oracle hasn't been wrong once. I remember in 1999, I was just a little girl, about seven or eight, and everyone though the world was going to end. But Oracle shook his head and said it wouldn't, so Mom, Grandma and I just chilled and watched all the other Humans freak out.
Anyways, I don't know if I should watch my back. I mean, what am I looking for? Weird Grandma.

Friday, February 6, 2009


She did IT - she did the UNTHINKABLE!! She broke the mutual friendship between all the students by performing something so sinister and mean that it has been banned in social groups for centuries, but she did IT!

As I was walking down the hall from drama after school, Cera and Perez were talking in front of his locker, which is right next to mine. Perez's back was to me, and Cera was me approaching, so she LEANED FORWARD AND KISSED HIM!!!!! I was so shocked I dropped my books, which made a big thud on the wooden floors. Perez let go of Cera and spun around, turning bright red.
"Zoe!" He gasped, "It wasn't ..."
But I didn't hear what he said, because I grabbed my books and ran into the bathroom for an hour. I texted my Mom to tell her I'd be home late, but I didn't tell her for what reason. I guess Perez and my date is canceled for tonight.

I met up with Will at the ice rink, and we hung out and watched a hockey game.
"She didn't," Will said.
"She did," I replied, grimacing.
"She's such a bitch," Will scowled.
"I know,"
"We should take revenge or something!"
"No, we shouldn't,"
"Cuz I said so. Something will happen in time,"
And that's all I said on the matter. But I still can't believe he really did that! I thought we were going to be boyfriend-girlfriend....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who loves Zoe?

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Omg I just ♥ that boi! We're not really officially 'together' but we're as close as it can get, and I'm so excited for Friday! BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???


Well, Mr. Blog, it's Thursday - but your first day of life. So I've named you Mr. Blog, and I hope you like it, because I'M NOT CHANGING IT.
My name's Zoe, and I'm 15 and three quarters (that makes seventy five cents!). My birthday's in April, and I'm turning 16, but I still haven't decided what I want to do for the big day. I'm thinking either masquerade themed or toyland theme. My Mom said that I might even have my party on MTV! I'll have to keep my attitude in check, though, cuz I don't want to be like all the other rich snobs out there.
I live in New York, Mr. Blog, but I wear American Eagle and Hollister compared to Prada and Gucci. I do have a few Gucci handbags, but they're at the back of my big closet.
I'm not as emo as I look, I just have emo hair. I dress kinda punky, with lots of bright colored clothes that my Mom, a famous designer (whom I can't name due to stalkers) and Elyse, her assistant, make for me.
Anyways, I have a close circle of friends and then some outer friends, like a three ringed atom. (I'm straight A's, babe!) Will and Georgia are my two best friends, although Will is like a friend with benefits. They're both emo-dressers. Will has spiky black hair and Georgia has electric green hair, which is really short and spiky. Georgia's kind of a juvey, but Will's sweet and smart. My outer friends are jocks from Snowboarding and softball, like Perez, my hot Colombian boi.
But enough about my friends, I gotta tell you about my day!
At five I woke up and got ready for an hour and a half of snowboarding with Perez and Angela, a pretty blond girl from Texas. We hit the slopes at five-thirty, then got to school and changed before 7:45.
All throughout the day Will was texting me on his new Instinct (I have the Iphone).
"Miss you"
"I'm bored"
"Gosh, Ms. G is mean"
Those were some of Will's messages. He's pretty quiet, but Georgia balances his quiet with her loudness. My first hour is gym, then science, social studies, language arts, math and lastly I have drama, which I'm good at cuz I'm a good actor. My school day ROCKS. I have the best teachers, and they all love me. But some of the kids are weird - our school has lots of secrets. It's situated in an ancient mansion, and all of the staff are just as old as the building. It's a private school, too, only for the most rich and important families in New York. The students lie to each other and sometimes themselves, but we all seem to have a mutual friendship. The Goths and Preps mingle, and the Richies sometimes acknowledge the existence of the Dirt Poors. But still, there's something wrong with the kids. Seriously. Some are witches, like me, and some are like ... vampires or something. I dunno.
In the hallway Perez was talking to Cera, the most rich and popular girl in the whole darn school. I don't like her - with her long blonde hair and high eyebrows and long body.
I'm kind of short, and have shorter limbs. My hair's long and straight, but not quite as shiny as Cera's. I'm pretty and thin, but I'm like a donkey compared to Cera. She's like a goddess.
"Hey, Perez," I said, walking up to them and looping my arm through his. Cera glared at me, and I glared back, turning my grey eyes' coldness on full blast. She looked away for one moment, and I knew I had won. Score for Zoe.
"Oh, hi," Perez kissed my cheek and smiled.
"Cera," I said coldly.
"Zoe," She replied, looking me up and down. I was wearing a large dark blue American Eagle sweatshirt and silver skinny jeans and hightops. She was in a short white Prada dress and highheels, with a white Chanel bag.
"Are you guys fighting?" Perez asked.
"Since when have we been friends?" Cera asked, "Bye Perez. Zoe," She turned away, swishing her hair at us. When she was gone I told Perez I didn't like her.
"I know, but her sister's on track with me, so I have to be nice to her or her sister'll sleep with Mr. Lop to get him to kick me off," Perez replied, playing with my high earring.
"Then I'll sleep with him to get you back on," I joked.
Perez laughed, then gave me a kiss and walked to science. I saw Cera and her posse, consisting of some skinny blond girls, whispering and looking at me. I sneered back, and spun around, walking the opposite way.