Monday, February 9, 2009


It's after dinner and after desert. Will, the Goths and I are chillin on the couch. Mom had to run over to her office because she left her sketchbook, and she's going to try some designs on my cousins.
I just went to and wished with all my heart. I'm trying it out. Will it work? I wished that my powers would make themselves apparent, cuz I want to get my freaky cousins the hell out of my house, NOW. But actually, it takes 8 days, and you have to visit your 'wishing page' every day and write the number '8' on a piece of paper and let it absorb the moonlight every night. I already did the moonlight thing and visited my wishing page. I've been reading other people's stories, and it apparently worked well for them, because stuff started happening the next day. I hope it works like that for me. It'd be really cool.
You know, with the Twilight craze sweeping the nation, I've realized that I want a boyfriend like Edward - one that cares about me and watches me when I sleep. Especially a Vampire boyfriend - cuz vampires are HOT. I dunno. No one seems to br right for me, but Will and I have gotten a lot closer. I haven't called Tony, and I don't really want to. Thinking about him gives me the heebie-jeebies. You go out with some hot italian boy and you end up raped and pregnant. Believe me, it's happened - not to me though, thankfully.
There may be someone for me in the Magical World, but I don't think Grandma would really approve of me going out with a Vampire, she already likes Will too much. Maybe I could turn Will into a Vampire ...? NO. NO. BAD THOUGHT. BAD THOUGHT, ZOE!!!
Goodnite, I'm not going to post again until tomorrow.