Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back Home

I'm Home again, and Grandma called with more info on the 'Jesus Book'. She said that the Magic World sent officials to check it out while none of the Humans were looking, and they confirmed that it's at least 2000 years old!!! Those dumb humans won't be able to figure it out, either, cuz Grandma put a spell on the book to make it look like a fake or something. Once they throw it out Grandma's crew (some rambunctious young wizards and vampires) will snatch it up and Grandma will have a new addition to her museum in the Magic World.
I came home with at least five shopping bags full of clothes. Will helped me bring them up to the house, and when he was gonna say goodbye, he kissed me. On the lips. And we're just supposed to be friends.
I was frozen when he pulled back, and I could only stare up at him. He smiled and then left. So I sat on the steps for a few moments and thought about him, then put my new clothes away, got my laptop, and sat on the couch, writing a new post for this blog.
You know, the Government covers up a lot of stuff that happens. Like, strange lights? They're real UFOs, the Government just tells the witnesses that they were drunk or just seeing things so that the people won't spread it around.
You know Area 51? Well, the guy who leaked about the aliens was killed. The murders? They're hired assassins. When they get 'life' sentences, they'll just get a new identity and do some more killings. If they get caught, it's back to the doctor's for a new face.
That new movie about the bank that uses money for killing, that's true. The guy who told the director just got killed. The Government that I'm talking about isn't America's. It's the World's.
Grandma's a member of The Government. They're a top-secret agency that covers up magical stuff and keeps the human population in check and stuff. Cuz, you know, God made the Universe with magic. People may not think that. Most say 'No, he just created the Universe. Not with magic!' But they're wrong. It was with Magic. Grandma should know, too, cuz she was there...