Sunday, February 15, 2009


I know that I didn't get up from the date halfway through to update, but I just couldn't tear myself away from the table!
First of all, when I got there, I noticed that Georgia hadn't shown (typical Georgia) but that Raccoon Girl from last weekend's clubbing was there. And I saw Peter, too, looking fairly lonely, and let me just say, he is even more GORGEOUS in person!!!
When I approached the table, Peter could only stare at me for a few minutes, and the first thing he said was a hypnotized "hiii." I giggled and I probably blushed, and it doesn't help that I have snow-white skin. Tanning salons don't work for me. I think I'm allergic to the light.
Anyways, we all ordered steak, and OMG it was expensive! My steak was like thirty dollars, give or take a few. I don't remember all the details of stuff, just the big thing that makes me think, "GOD,"
But the steak was pretty darn good for that amount of moolah. It was kind of spicy but really nice and tender, like melt-in-your-mouth steak. Is that a good thing? That's not really a good description if I'm such a great writer. Melt-in-your-mouth meat reminds me of pork roast when it's all papery and like dissolves when it's in your mouth. The steak was better then that.
But Peter, he really likes me. And I really like him. He's sweet and funny and has the shiniest teeth. He held my hand and stared me right in the eye when I talked to him, and that's definitely a turn-on. He's really affectionate and one of those touchy-feely kind of people. I hope that doesn't become obnoxious to me or anything cuz I mean I REALLY like him.
After dinner and a long discussion around the table about teen pregnancies and the best shops in New York, each couple went their own way. Since Will's not much of a talker, he probably just sat her down and kissed her. But I don't care .. all I can think about is Peter Peter Peter Peter. Mom said that last night I fell asleep on the couch and sat straight up and smiled and screamed his name. then I layed back down and kissed the back of the couch. But just a little peck, thankfully. It'd be really embarrassing to start making out with a pillow in front of my Mom. Hah hah .. ooh.
Anyways, Peter and I walked a while together, oblivious of all the people and the cold.
"You're really pretty," Peter said.
"Thanks," I said, blushing again.
"When Will set me up on this date I didn't think you'd really be as hot as you are. I thought you'd be more of a .. that one girl at school. Tall, blond, what's her name?"
I gasped, "Cera?"
"Yeah, yeah, her," Peter replied, putting his arm around me. HE THINKS I'M HOTTER THEN CERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"You don't think very much of Cera, do you?" I asked, trying to keep the shrieking voices inside me in check.
"No. I think she's a slut," Peter said flatly.
"Really? Cuz I bet she likes you," I replied, although I regretted saying that. It was like telling him that she should love Cera instead of me. And that's a big NO-NO.
"Oh well," Peter murmured.
We walked in silence for a little more, looking at the lights and trying to find stars through all the clouds. But that's nearly impossible in a city as smoggy as New York.
I was suddenly aware of the cold. The freezing cold. I shivered and felt goosebumps rise up on my arms.
"You're cold," Peter said.
He stopped and took his coat off and wrapped it around me.
"Thanks," I blushed.
He squeezed my shoulders, then we kept walking. I told him about Mom and even the Magic stuff, and he didn't look the least bit weirded out. Oh, and my wish hasn't come true yet. It should on Tuesday, or at least I hope so. I'll pray some more. You know, God listens to me pretty good for some little rebel girl who talks and thinks about God like her best friend. But I dunno, maybe he appreciates me giving myself some respect and not considering myself a 'servant' of his. Sorry if I offend anyone out there. But when you're floating in Heaven laughing at me, thinking I'm in Hell, I'll wave to you from over by the Pearly Gates. Just watch for me. Seriously.
And my Magic Powers have started to show themselves. I lit a candle yesterday just by looking at it. It was pretty FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I should call Grandma about that.
Anyways, Peter took me home, and I discovered that all of the housemaids, Mom, and my weirdo cousins (whom are leaving next week) were all gone. Riley seems to like Peter, BTW.
I showed Peter around, and he approved of the flat. He liked my room the best ... But something kinda bad happened, and I'm having second thoughts about him. After we were sitting on the bed watching TV, he put his hand on my chest and whispered, "Want to make a kid?"
I jumped out of my skin and rolled off the bed. I peeked over the side to see Peter staring at me with a shocked expression. But I'm not going to be a girl to show my fear of sex. I'm not a virgin, but this is the first date, BUDDY.
"Hey, Peter?" I snapped.
"Yeah?" He replied.
"NO," I growled.
Peter chuckled and sat up.
"I was kidding," He said. But I didn't take any chances. I was alert the rest of the night until he left.