Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clubbin with meh peepz

It's Saturday evenin, but like six, so kinda evenin. Will, Georgia and I are sitting in Will's Lexus waiting in line at Burger King (LOL). After we get dinner we're going clubbing. Yea, I'm 16, but those dumb nightclub ushers couldn't tell a nine-year-old from a nineteen-year-old.
I got my hair in a ponytail, with even more blonde highlights. I'm wearin a short black cocktail dress that drove Will crazy. Georgia's wearing a puffy pink lolita dress. Her scene girl hair is a now blonde with black streaks, like she's an inside-out oreo. I'm an oreo. =]
I don't give a crap about what Will's wearing, since right now I'm just worried about the deal with Perez. I dunno if I should call him and invite him to come with us, or just leave him alone and sort out my thoughts. Perez is a great dancer, and I know he likes me, but I'm still kinda mad about those three seconds where he was tonguing my MORTAL ENEMY.
Oooh, it'd be really bad to bump into Cera at a club again. A month ago when it was me, Georgia, Liz, and Ella (some other girls like me, but not quite as wild child), we saw Cera and her clones at Club 21. She looked like such a slut, though. Her dress barely covered her nipples. It was kinda gross.
But anyways, she was drunk, so she didn't remember. I don't drink - my Mom would hate it. I may look like a 'who gives a shit' kinda girl, but I really care about myself and my family, and I don't wanna get wasted while I'm just a kid. But I may have a few sips when my older friends get a martini or tequila. I can't stand the other bitter drinks ... eeewww.
Mom's at home right now. She's been working from home so that we can hang together. I really love that she's been doing that- it shows that she cares. =]
Ok, I'm gonna eat, but in about two hours or so I'll check in and talk about the freaks at the club we'll go to ... so bye!!!