Monday, February 16, 2009

Delusionally Bored

I don't think Delusionally is even a word, but I don't care. Usually my saying is 'So Hot it Hurts' but now it's 'So Bored it Hurts'.
My beloved marathon of NCIS is just a bunch of RE-RUNS. So I'm lying on the couch trying to think of things to do. I googled 'things to do when you're bored' but they were all stupid. "Try to swallow your tongue". "Spit on people". COME ON.
Anyways, I was just staring up at the ceiling and thinking about how much I missed summer. Then I thought about what it'd be like to go back in time. Then I thought about and then I thought about going camping in Michigan with Mom last summer. Then I thought about Shane.
Last summer, and just like every other summer, Mom and I drove to Harrisville, Michigan. Harrisville is a cute little town with a cute little state park. There's a pharmacy that has everything and a little ice cream parlor and stuff. But that's about it. But I really like going camping - for such an emo-looking, egotistical rich girl. I mean, we don't go tent camping or anything, but we spend a lot of time outside of the big RV. I'm really into nature stuff, and Riley and me like going on walks together.
Anyways, on this particular day, it was as hot as hell and I was as bored as hell. Riley and I were sitting by the beach, watching the waves roll up onto the rocky shores. I think that it's off of either lake Michigan or lake Superior. I think. But I know it's one of the Great Lakes.
So Riley and I were sitting there, Riley looking hungrily at the seagulls and me munching on chips. I was wearing a Volcom tee and Bermuda shorts. But that's beside the point.
Cuz as soon as a big, fat old seagull tried to get a chip that I dropped, Riley went crazy. He chased after it, jumping into the water. And despite being a lab, Riley can't swim. And he was pretty far out there.
I was standing at the edge of the water, calling to him, hoping there was a rock he could climb onto or something.
"Need some help?" A voice asked. I spun around to see some dark-haired zitty kid taking his shirt off. He jumped into the water and rescued a stressed and very wet Riley. I got Riley's towel and cradled the getting-big puppy in my arms.
"Thanks," I told the boy, who seemed to be hanging around a little too much.
"No problem," He replied, "Anything for a pretty girl,"
I tried to chuckle and seem nice, but I really wanted him to leave NOW. The boy was about my age, but much taller and fatter and UGLIER. He introduced himself as Shane, and I introduced myself against my better judgement. Shane left, but I noticed that he was watching where I walked to. For the next three days, I was on high alert. Every morning around breakfast he walked by, looking hopefully at the RV. I scowled at him, although I doubt he saw me.
On the fourth day, I just left the RV and didn't care if he saw me. And I was glad I came out, because walking past our campsite was a boy who looked a lot like Peter, but a little skinnier. And I saw Shane coming the opposite way, so I hatched a plan, and walked over to the Peter-looking boy and said hi, glancing over his shoulder at Shane, who was looking at us with a shocked expression.
"Do I know you?" The boy asked.
"No, I'm Zoe," I said.
"I'm Drake," The boy said.
"Nice to meet you," I smiled sweetly, glancing at Shane again. And this was the worst and the best part. (You know I've almost forgot about where I met Drake, cuz I think about him a lot too, and email him every night)
Shane was right behind Drake. He looked angry and confused and like he really needed some Proactiv. He poked Drake on the shoulder and said,
"What'cha talking about with my girl?" Shane snarled.
Drake laughed, the least bit surprised, and turned around, "Your girl?"
Drake put his arm around me and down, sliding his hand in the back pocket of my shorts. I played along.
"Yeah, Shane, what're you talking about?"
Shane glared at Drake, and there was a defining silence.
"Let go of her," Shane growled, low and mean.
"Or what?" Drake snickered, "Are you going to hit me?"
Shane through a punch, and Drake did this amazing thing where he pushed me down and ducked but caught me and stood us up before I could fall.
"So close," Drake teased.
Shane's face became red with fury. He through another punch, but this time Drake swung us to the side.
"Just let go of her!" Shane yelled.
"No." Drake said calmly. He turned us away and walked me back to my campsite.
"Who is this kid?" He whispered.
"He 'rescued' my dog the other day," I replied.
"And he thinks you guys are ..?" Drake asked.
"I guess," I replied.
"Let me go take care of him," Drake smiled mischievously and walked back over to Shane, who was huffing and puffing from all this exercise. A small audience had gathered.
"What's your name?" Drake asked.
"What's it to you?" Shane growled.
"Never mind," Drake said.
"What's it to YOU?" Shane shouted.
"Nothing, nothing. Forget it," Drake shrugged.
Shane charged at him and was right in his face like how boys fight sometimes.
"What's ... It ... To YOU?" Shane snarled really really low.
"I just want to know you're name so I can declare who lost this fight over Zoe," Drake smiled.
I thought that was pretty stupid, but it worked on Shane, who just stormed away. The audience cheered for a minute and then returned to their camp sites like nothing had happened.
"Thanks," I said to Drake when he came back and sat down across from me at the picnic table.
"No problem .. I don't like geeks trying to make a move on my girl," Drake shrugged. I giggled and held his hand from across the table. He had the most amazing green eyes.
For the rest of my trip we hung out together, practically joined at the hip. The last night we spent together on the beach, watching the stars. He kissed me, and it was a very happy moment for me. I text and email him a lot but not as much as I should .. so ... yeah. OMG! New NCIS episode, and I haven't seen it! Bye!