Saturday, February 14, 2009

Driving there ...

Elyse, Mom's assistant and a close friend of ours, is driving me to the restaurant and telling me not to be nervous or anything. It's really crowded in New York City on Saturday night, but I'll get there on time.
I'm really really really really nervous no matter how many times Elyse tells me not to be. I can't help it! I keep having to delete words because I'm misspelling them - I'm that nervous. This is the first Valentine's Day that I haven't spent at home with Riley and Mom watching sappy love movies and eating ice cream right from the carton.
I think I look really pretty right now. I'm wearing that red dress, which is a lot shorter and lower-cut then it looked on the dummy. My hair is nice and beautiful, and my legs are shaved and silky. I smell like Armani Code for women. I hope Peter likes it. I mean really really hope hope PRAY TO GOD.
You know that thing? My wish hasn't come true yet, but I haven't told eight people yet. Two to go. And I'm sure I could probably post stuff about it on more stuff so yeah ...
I haven't seen much of my cousins since they've started to hang out with Cera, but Mom doesn't really seem to mind. And as long as Cera is busy with them, she won't bug me. I think Mom secretly hates them, just like Riley and Me.
Okay, I'm pulling up to the building now. It looks really really crowded. I can see Will. GOD is he SMOKING?
God damn him. I'm going to go smack him, so bye for now.