Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eeee .. peopl are weird

We're in a club, although I don't really know the name. The ushers, as usual, thought Will, Georgia and I were 18.

I'm currently sitting at our table on my Iphone playing with this Blogger app that my Mom's assistant designed, it lets me add posts to my blog.

Most of the kids in here are emo. The scene girls have taken it TOO FAR. This one girl has pink and blue and raccoon printed hair, and another girl's hair looks like there's a balloon hiding under it. Some emo girls spend more time in their hair and makeup then in their studies, which sounds pretty funny coming from me. But I don't do the raccoon eyeliner or puff-ball pink hair. I'm just like mild, with light highlights and a pink bow.

The guys are hot, I must admit. There's one whos particularly cute, and I might go dance with him once Raccoon Girl leaves his presence. Will's reading over my shoulder. GO DANCE. I'LL BE FINE.

He just got up. I see that Georgia's tonguing some guy. I love Georgia. She's really cool. =] OMG RACCOON GIRL IS GONE. Time to make my move!!! But first, here's a pic of Will, I took it before we left.