Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday Nite

Last night Georgia and I went on a shopping spree with my allowance money, which was $2000, which I get every two days.
We went to Manhattan Mall and just splurged on everything. First we went to Aeropostle and I bought some new tee shirts that all said 'aeropostle' on them, and then we went to the body shop and I got some soap and lotion and makeup stuff. Then we went to Victoria's Secret, and you can imagine what I'd buy there. Next was the Foot Locker and I got some new kicks, then we went to another mall cuz that one doesn't really have too many good stores.
We traveled all the way across town .. well not that far .. but we went to some other stores and bought some expensive stuff. I spent ALL MY MONEY. But hey, I got some great stuff.
Will, Peter and I are all going to meet up at Del Frisco's on sixth avenue this evening. I don't think it will be very fun with two boys and one girl, while the girl likes one boy and the other boy likes the girl and the first boy doesn't even know the girl. I think Georgia should come along, but she's not that into the 'love' stuff, so I'm going to hide in my closet and pick out something to wear for tonight! Bye!