Monday, February 9, 2009

Gosh some of you people ....

Every once in a while I like to click on a link in my profile and see what people share the same interests as me, and I just got a chance to do so.
I clicked on the link that says 'I like being rich' or something, and I found this girl who is SO FULL OF HERSELF.
I hate that. You know those like thirteen-year-olds that are rich but so full of themselves? They have body piercings and go to tanning salons and wear jimmy choo? Those chicks IRK me. I mean, seriously, those girls wear too much makeup and look like little divas in their too-big high heels and mini skirts. That's one of the bad things about having a Mom so high up in the fashion Biz. Whenever I go to the office with her, there's always another designer's daughter in there gabbing away on some thousand dollar phone playing with her diamond necklace or something. And then they chew GUM.
I mean, I have no problem with gum, but these girls chew it like cows. I hate it soooo much.
I bet those girls have already had sex, too!
I have an ego, and it's like kinda big, but I'm not ALL full of myself .. I'll call it ... Self respect. I just like ME! And my Mom is one of the biggest names out there, although, once again, I can't tell you who due to stalkers. I already have three followers and I just started this blog. Let's just say we could live in a solid-gold palace if we wanted to, and still have billions left. My Mom has a lot of money that the tabloids don't know about.
That's another bad thing about being rich! The tabloids! Mom's always telling me 'be careful' 'keep your eyes open' 'do you want to end up like princess diana?'
But I don't have a driver so that won't happen. I've decided to buy a car and just drive myself, since no one really knows that the Famous Fashion Designer has a young, B-A-utiful daughter! But I want to keep it that way.
So, I'm going to go do my homework in a little, and then maybe hang out with Will and watch a movie. Maybe the cousins aren't as ugly as I think, Will's been in their room for a while now....