Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's me again

Perez still hasn't texted me back, but I don't care. Georgia went home a few minutes ago, and Will's Mom just called, wondering where he was. She sounded furious.
"William James! Where the hell are you?" She screamed.
"I'm at Zoe's house," Will replied.
"Did you spend the night?" His Mom hissed.
Then his Mom got really quiet, as if she was thinking something smart to say back.
"YOU BETTER NOT HAVE GOTTEN ZOE PREGNANT!" His Mom shrieked, then hung up.
It got really awkward, because we had been sitting on the couch with me curled up on his lap.
"I swear I didn't touch you last night," Will whispered.
We got dressed and then went out to breakfast, since I burned the eggs. After breakfast we went to the mall, and that's where we are right now. Will's getting us some coffee.
We went to American Eagle first. I got three new sweatshirts and a new bag. Then we went to Wet Seal, and I got more skinny jeans and some tee shirts. We haven't gone to any other stores, but I'm going to try to pull Will into Victoria's Secret. LOL that will be funny!!!
It looks like today is just going to be spent at the mall. I may call some of my other friends to come and join Will and I, or it could just be me and him. I dunno.