Sunday, February 8, 2009

Living with the Goths

After dinner at McDonalds, Mom told me something HORRIBLE. Something TERRIBLE.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but my cousins are kinda ... freaky. Their names were once Amelia and Sophia, but now they are Thorn and Claudia. They're both Goth, and their Mom is like super-preppy-extreme. I think they went Goth just to spite her, but then discovered that it was fun.
Will came with us for dinner (I would've invited Georgia, but this is her worst hangover yet), and when we got home Mom pulled out a gift from my cousins. They said that it's the latest trend in their city (FreakGoth Ville, population: them). It was a short black lolita dress, with a puffy skirt and off-the-shoulder straps.
I thought it was icky, but Will liked how low-cut it was (major cleavage). Mom told me that I should wear it when they arrive, but I told her that it was nothing special that they were coming.
"Are they hot?" Will asked.
I grimaced, then retrieved the family album from the living room bookshelf. I showed him the picture of my two man-like cousins, with short spiky hair and over-muscular bodies. I saw Will kind of puke in his mouth.
"How long are they going to be here for? And why in the middle of winter?" I asked, while sitting on Will's lap and letting him play with the ruffles on the straps of my dress.
"They'll be here for about two weeks because Aunt Jody is getting another liposuction," Mom replied, running her hands through her dark, thick curls.
The only other thing that they can take out of Aunt Jody's body is her internal organs! That lady is like twice my age but ten times skinnier. Last time we checked, she was only one hundred pounds. I think my cousins may be fat just to spite her, also.
"And here's more bad news," Mom said, "They'll be going to your school,"
And that's when I passed out.
I woke up with Mom calling the hospital in the hallway, and Will lying next to me on my big lime green and black bed, wearing my pajamas: a short Aeropostle shirt and black shorts.
"Are you okay? You're Mom's been trying to get a doctor to come for a half an hour," Will said when I sat up.
"How long have I been out for?" I asked.
"Half an hour," Will replied.
"How'd I get in my pajamas?" I asked him.
Will smiled mischievously and got up. Then I noticed my bra was also off.
My Mom came in and saw I was awake, and also asked how I had gotten into my pajamas. I just stared blankly at her, and she shrugged it off.
"I'll go make some hot chocolate," She said.
One of the house maids, Rita, scurried past, and I layed my head down, Will digging his head into my neck.
My house is really really really big, so we have three old housemaids, Rita, Elaine, and Priscilla. Our mansion is actually a large penthouse, but I call it a mansion because it's the same square foot as one of Donald Trump's homes. Mom and Grandma combined are the fourth richest people on the earth, plus the money that no one knows about. =]
My room's color scheme is black and lime green. I have a large bed with a thick bedspread and lots of emo-heart pillows. I have a large walk-in closet which also double as a 'Me Space'. I have dark curtains, with a balcony behind them. I also have a big desk, three couches around a coffee table, a vanity full of makeup, my own bathroom, and a wardrobe.
The living room is HUGE. It doesn't have a set color scheme, though the large wrap-around couch is cocoa brown suede. There's a large TV and lots of hanging plants and floor plants. We also have some bookshelves and original paintings by famous artists. My favorite part of the living room is the fancy crystal fire.
The kitchen is yellow and green. There are marble countertops and all new stainless-steel appliances. We have an island with a sink and chairs connected to it. There are some other rooms in the house, too, but I don't want to get into those for now. =]