Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Mornin'

When I woke up a settled myself down on the couch with a bowl of Lucky Charms, Tom and Jerry playing on the TV.
"Hon," My Mom walked into the hang-out room with her hand cupped over the speaker on the phone, "It's Grandma,"
Her voice quavered and her face looked worried. I took the phone and said, "Yell-oh?"
"Zoe," My Grandma replied, her voice serious, "They found a bible that may date back to Jesus' age,"
"So?" I asked. Since when did we go to church? Sure I prayed, but so what if they found a bible?
"Experts can't read it. Something's wrong in the Magic World," Grandma said.
"What experts did they send in?"
"Then they should have someone from the Magic World read it,"
"I'm going to send Barney. Just ... Keep your eyes open, sweetie. I have a feeling something bad's going to happen,"
"Like what?" I questioned.
"Oracle says that someone important is going to die - watch your back. I love you,"
Then she hung up. Grandma could be so weird sometimes, but, if 'Oracle' says there's something wrong, he's probably right. Oracle hasn't been wrong once. I remember in 1999, I was just a little girl, about seven or eight, and everyone though the world was going to end. But Oracle shook his head and said it wouldn't, so Mom, Grandma and I just chilled and watched all the other Humans freak out.
Anyways, I don't know if I should watch my back. I mean, what am I looking for? Weird Grandma.