Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, Mr. Blog, it's Thursday - but your first day of life. So I've named you Mr. Blog, and I hope you like it, because I'M NOT CHANGING IT.
My name's Zoe, and I'm 15 and three quarters (that makes seventy five cents!). My birthday's in April, and I'm turning 16, but I still haven't decided what I want to do for the big day. I'm thinking either masquerade themed or toyland theme. My Mom said that I might even have my party on MTV! I'll have to keep my attitude in check, though, cuz I don't want to be like all the other rich snobs out there.
I live in New York, Mr. Blog, but I wear American Eagle and Hollister compared to Prada and Gucci. I do have a few Gucci handbags, but they're at the back of my big closet.
I'm not as emo as I look, I just have emo hair. I dress kinda punky, with lots of bright colored clothes that my Mom, a famous designer (whom I can't name due to stalkers) and Elyse, her assistant, make for me.
Anyways, I have a close circle of friends and then some outer friends, like a three ringed atom. (I'm straight A's, babe!) Will and Georgia are my two best friends, although Will is like a friend with benefits. They're both emo-dressers. Will has spiky black hair and Georgia has electric green hair, which is really short and spiky. Georgia's kind of a juvey, but Will's sweet and smart. My outer friends are jocks from Snowboarding and softball, like Perez, my hot Colombian boi.
But enough about my friends, I gotta tell you about my day!
At five I woke up and got ready for an hour and a half of snowboarding with Perez and Angela, a pretty blond girl from Texas. We hit the slopes at five-thirty, then got to school and changed before 7:45.
All throughout the day Will was texting me on his new Instinct (I have the Iphone).
"Miss you"
"I'm bored"
"Gosh, Ms. G is mean"
Those were some of Will's messages. He's pretty quiet, but Georgia balances his quiet with her loudness. My first hour is gym, then science, social studies, language arts, math and lastly I have drama, which I'm good at cuz I'm a good actor. My school day ROCKS. I have the best teachers, and they all love me. But some of the kids are weird - our school has lots of secrets. It's situated in an ancient mansion, and all of the staff are just as old as the building. It's a private school, too, only for the most rich and important families in New York. The students lie to each other and sometimes themselves, but we all seem to have a mutual friendship. The Goths and Preps mingle, and the Richies sometimes acknowledge the existence of the Dirt Poors. But still, there's something wrong with the kids. Seriously. Some are witches, like me, and some are like ... vampires or something. I dunno.
In the hallway Perez was talking to Cera, the most rich and popular girl in the whole darn school. I don't like her - with her long blonde hair and high eyebrows and long body.
I'm kind of short, and have shorter limbs. My hair's long and straight, but not quite as shiny as Cera's. I'm pretty and thin, but I'm like a donkey compared to Cera. She's like a goddess.
"Hey, Perez," I said, walking up to them and looping my arm through his. Cera glared at me, and I glared back, turning my grey eyes' coldness on full blast. She looked away for one moment, and I knew I had won. Score for Zoe.
"Oh, hi," Perez kissed my cheek and smiled.
"Cera," I said coldly.
"Zoe," She replied, looking me up and down. I was wearing a large dark blue American Eagle sweatshirt and silver skinny jeans and hightops. She was in a short white Prada dress and highheels, with a white Chanel bag.
"Are you guys fighting?" Perez asked.
"Since when have we been friends?" Cera asked, "Bye Perez. Zoe," She turned away, swishing her hair at us. When she was gone I told Perez I didn't like her.
"I know, but her sister's on track with me, so I have to be nice to her or her sister'll sleep with Mr. Lop to get him to kick me off," Perez replied, playing with my high earring.
"Then I'll sleep with him to get you back on," I joked.
Perez laughed, then gave me a kiss and walked to science. I saw Cera and her posse, consisting of some skinny blond girls, whispering and looking at me. I sneered back, and spun around, walking the opposite way.