Monday, February 9, 2009

We're at the airport

Oh, God, I can't believe it's already the day my cousins arrive. When did Mom tell me about it? YESTERDAY. How many days does that give me to get ready for them? NONE.
Mom, Will and I are at the airport waiting for them. My cousins' plane should be arriving soon, but secretly I'm hoping that it'll crash and explode into a million jillion pieces and they won't EVER make it.
"They better not talk to me when we're at school," I scowled when we arrived. Mom forced me into that dumb lolita dress, and everyone's looking at me weird. So I sneer back.
"I wonder what Cera's going to think," Will said.
I wondered that too. What if she takes them under her wing and turns them into Cera-clones? Ick. They'll be just like their mother. GOD I hate this. JUST KILL ME NOW.
I'm seriously going to just shrivel up and die if they even look in my direction at school. They'll probably have all the same classes as me, though, just to make it so much more 'comforting' for them.
I dunno.
School was okay today. I think Cera was home sick or something, cuz the halls seemed to have a lot less tension. I've noticed that whenever Cera enters a classroom, all of the girls sit up straight and puff their chests out. The geeky girls take off their glasses, and the boys open up their legs. It sickens me. Cera practically runs the school.
Perez tried to talk to me again, but Will interfered and said that the principal needed to see me. I knew he didn't - our principal just hides in his office all day talking to his Mom on the phone. What a loser. If anyone should run the school, it should be ME.
Black-and -pink walls, good, quality lunch food, green lockers, skateboarding classes. Gee, wouldn't it be fun if I ruled the world?
I can see them! They're coming! I'm going to pretend I'm texting, but I'll give you updates ....

"Hi ... Zoe," Thorn groaned at me. We're in the car right now, and Mom's talking about the school. When I get a free hand, I'm going to slap Will's hand away - it's slithering up my skirt.
"Hi, Thorn, Claudia," I tried to smile, but I bet it looked like one of those forced kinda sneer and smile smiles.
"I see you're wearing our dress," Claudia hissed, carrying the 'sssss' too far.
"You look great. Can't you see how happy we are the you look that good?" Thorn frowned.
"Yeah, you're ecstatic," I replied.
Mom kinda pinched my back after I said that.
So we've been sitting in the car driving back to our house. I'm just soooo excited to see what fun things the girls are going to hang up in the guest room. Will decided to stay for dinner, and I dunno what's up with Georgia. This night is going to be great ....
Will and I are in my room right now. Will's talking to his Mom saying he'll spend the night, even though he knows it's kinda creepy to be 16 and sleeping over at your best girl friend's house. But Will's like my brother - my hot hot HOT brother. When we got home, Thorn and Claudia immediately gravitated towards their bedroom, and have been in their ever since. I can hear moaning .. perhaps they're cutting themselves or something.
"You're cousins are weird," Will said.
I look at him like 'DUH'. Of course they're weird!!!!!
I have to go help Mom start making dinner, but I changed out of that gay dress and into some skinny jeans and my blue American Eagle hoodie. Bye for now. WISH ME LUCK!!!