Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whoa ...

Well, I'm back home - thankfully. Things got pretty crazy at that club last night. You know that boy I went to go dance with? He was here straight from ITALY. His name's Antonio, but I nicknamed him Tony, and he likes that.
After Tony and I were done dancing and returned to our table, Georgia got drunk.
"Hey, Zoe, find a new maaaaan?" Georgia tripped, falling into the popcorn bowl on our table.
"Georgia! Why're you drunk?" I jumped up, pulling her off the table and sitting her next to me.
"Bartender thought I was old! Old old old!" Georgia giggled.
I excused myself from Tony and Drunk Girl and went to find Will, who was tonguing Raccoon Girl.
"Georgia's drunk," I said flatly.
Wil jumped and pulled away from the girl. I saw the shocked expression even though it was dark and blue lights were flashing. Raccoon Girl sneered at me and tried to kiss Will again, but he got up and followed me over to Georgia.
"Willie! Free Willie! How goes it?" Georgia smiled, trying to get on her feet.
"Georgia - we're leaving." Will said.
"No, no, you're not," Tony objected. He stood next to me and put his hands on my hips, "You're going to stay," He said sweetly.
I couldn't say no, so I sat back down next to him. Will frowned at me and returned to Raccoon Girl. We could stay for now.
Then the doors opened and a large group of kids came in. They were the Vampires of New York - Rich, powerful kids who were practically immortal. As they passed our table I noticed that they had glued fake fangs onto their canines. Some of those kids were weird, but there was a large group of them, so they were feared.
About an hour later, at midnight, a fight broke out between some drunk jocks and some Vampires. After a kid was tossed onto our table, I grabbed Will, Georgia and Tony and we left, leaving the Ushers to break up the fights. We walked a while, Georgia giggling every few steps. At about one in the morning Tony kissed me goodbye and returned to his car.
"Where're we going?" Will asked.
"I dunno," I collapsed on a bench. Georgia sat down next to me, the drinks wearing off.
"Maybe we should just go to your house and watch movies or something," She suggested.
And that's what we did.
I woke up about two hours ago. Will was using my stomach as a pillow, and Georgia was right next to me in the nest of pillows and blankets we made. I'm going to get up and make some breakfast before Mom goes to work, and then maybe go for a jog. I'll just let my friends sleep for now. =]